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Women’s Self Defense Workshop

This women’s only event is designed to educate, motivate and train women in self-defense tactics in the street, in the home or anywhere. World-renowned martial artist and former professional fighter Terry Bullman and part of his team will demonstrate and engage the attendees in the art of KRAV MAGA self–defense. Cost: The cost for this […]

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Our KickFit and FIT classes are high energy and fun cardio that combines kickboxing with bodyweight exercise to burn up to 600-900 calories in a hour! Come get fit, no more bullfit excuses!


Krav Maga is a form of self defense developed by the Israeli military. It has since been made available to civilians (like us). Come learn how to defend yourself in a supportive gym community!


The system we teach in our kids program is modified Krav Maga (a form of self defense). We also instill the values of discipline, dedication, and responsibility while having a LOT of fun!

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ANNOUNCING NEW: Bullman’s Workforce Wellness Workshops

Workforce Wellness: We can improve your employee participation rates AND add an urgent new dimension… SELF DEFENSE Monthly seminar/workshops designed to educate, motivate and lead area businesses, large or small, affiliated groups and Associations, women’s groups and more to a healthier, safer lifestyle. When: Fourth Friday of every month beginning in March (March 27th) Where: […]

Women’s Self Defense Workshop 2/1/20

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN INCREASING DRAMATICALLY… * Domestic Violence * Workplace Violence * Violence In The Street * Human Trafficking * Violence At School * RAPE * Robbery Come learn not only how to defend yourself against violence, but to assess every situation and de-escalate if possible or other avoidance techniques, but if violence happens, learn […]


Workforce Wellness is a critical component of every business whether large or small. The focus has always been exercise and some component of healthy eating. The missing link is SELF DEFENSE. Especially for female employee’s. A quick Internet search will reveal staggering statistics of annual costs monetarily and performance impact directly attributable to employee’s being […]