New Year’s Resolution Time!

  • “This year I’m going to get in shape!”
  • “This year I’m going to learn self defense!”

Every year, so many enthusiastically proclaim a bold resolution beginning January 1st… Sadly, most are repeating the same “resolution” they have imagined before. The reason?


Why failure? Because so many are responding to pie in the sky advertising that promises instant results. This is unrealistic. What people need in order to attain and sustain their New Year’s Resolution is a place that offers them REAL hope. REAL success… Bullman’s is that place. We offer a strong support environment that creates the foundation for success. We also encourage you to bring a friend, family member or co-worker to help serve as an additional support mechanism. Your goals are real if you engage truth and reject the fantasy of fast results. Results take a little time, but we will educate you, motivate you and LEAD you to the success you seek… GET HERE!

So many fail…

Seek real success…

SELF DEFENSE: In today’s devolving society where violence, especially against women is increasing dramatically, SELF DEFENSE is critical. Too many fall prey to illusional thinking…

“It won’t happen to me”

“I conceal and carry and am not afraid”

“I carry mace”

“I work out and can handle myself”

Wow… So sad… A violent attack happens quickly and usually with the attacker already at a very high level of readiness to hurt, maim or kill their victim. The victim, unless well trained and practiced in counter measures usually loses and suffers horrible consequences if they survive. Realtors, nurses, hospitality workers, college students and others are at high risk of becoming a victim.

We teach the Israeli fighting style of Krav Maga. Do some research. Krav Maga is far and away the best self defense program anywhere. In addition to that, our business owner, Terry Bullman and his highly trained team are the best self defense instructors you will find. GET HERE!