Women’s Self Defense Workshop

This women’s only event is designed to educate, motivate and train women in self-defense tactics in the street, in the home or anywhere. World-renowned martial artist and former professional fighter Terry Bullman and part of his team will demonstrate and engage the attendees in the art of KRAV MAGA selfdefense.

Cost: The cost for this event is only $25.00. Contact Bullman’s Kickboxing and Krav Maga Director of Business Development Geoff Hampton at geoff@bullmansknoxville.com for more information.

Three hours of intensive self-defense training and participatory engagement.

This program will change your life! With the terrible increase in violent crime against women in the greater Knoxville area and on campus at The University of Tennessee (we are less than 3 miles from campus), it is important for all women to learn to defend themselves. Terry Bullman, who will be conducting the workshop along with select, advanced staff will give you three hours of incredible preparation to confront any situation of potential violence. Register today!